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The Institute of Aquaphobia aims to help everybody, on a multi-cultural & inclusive basis, who has a fear of water to overcome their worries and concerns and learn to feel happy and relaxed in or around pools, rivers or the sea.

We achieve this by using the Aquaphobia Learning Programme (ALP). Taught by certified “Aquaphobia Coaches” who have been through the industry accredited - Certificate in Teaching Aquaphobia (CTA) training courses.

The IOA’s worldwide community brings together people from around the globe

The IOA’s worldwide community brings together people from around the globe, who have a personal or professional interest in helping individuals be free from this life-changing phobia and stresses relating to aquatic events or experiences. You can be a part of this amazing network, either as a member of the public, interested in overcoming aquaphobia or a swimming teacher training to be an Aquaphobia Angel Coach.

The IOA aims, with global partners, to further all aspects of learning that advances scientific research, community networks and best practice by professionals for people, at whatever age, who need to be able to relax with basic swimming skills for personal, social/pleasure, mental and physical health and most importantly life-preservation reasons.

To advance education in the water and using the latest Virtual Reality technology for multimedia, so we can truly reach everybody wherever they are in the world, on their phones or tablets.

For for further details please email support@instituteofaquaphobia.com

Certificate in Teaching Aquaphobics (CTA)

This course, Certificate in Teaching Aquaphobics (CTA) aims to teach aquatic & leisure professionals how to understand, identify and by using the Aquaphobic Learning Programme (ALP) treat Aquaphobics, weak and non-swimmers from both a psychological and physical perspective.

The professional development course establishes a swimming teacher an Aquaphobia Coach (A.C) & then an Advanced Aquaphobia Coach (A.A.C) Who then will be able to assess the severity of an individual’s fear or phobia and support them through the recovery process to stress free happy swimming. If you are a swimming teacher, STA or equivalent, who is actively training and wants to increase your skills and revenue, this is a must for you. You will get 5 CIMSPA Points and 1 STA point, for each CTA CPD.

You can download our brochure "How to become an Aquaphobia coach" Click Here

For for further details please email support@instituteofaquaphobia.com

Aquaphobia coaches around the world.

The Aquaphobia Learning Programme

The Aquaphobia Learning Programme (ALP) is a 12-stage step approach to support those with a fear of water, providing them with the confidence, skills and techniques to enjoy the unique freedom that being in water can give.

Aquaphobia 12 Stage Programme

Distinctive from swimming programmes, AALP focuses on eliminating and desensitising fear, with the physical mechanics of swimming being secondary.

The aim of the programme is to teach a participant how to relax, float, feel happy and in control in the water and reduce all stresses in a safe and careful way.

Taught by a certified Aquaphobia Coach, each course is tailored to the individual’s personal needs and degree of fear, going at their own preferred pace, so they feel uplifted, encouraged and comfortable to undertake lessons on a regular basis.

When a person has achieved a stage, they then progress on to the next one in sequence, with no set timescale or pressures on the individual they will learn key swimming skills that really boost enjoyment and relaxation.

By going through the 12 steps, participants will grow in confidence and learn the basic principles of: entering, standing, floating, moving and breathing in water.

Creator of the course Master Coach Mike Burman LIII said: “As each new swimming action is correctly learned, it is embedded into both the conscious and subconscious mind and also into muscle memory. This increases the skill base, knowledge and self-belief in each individual.

“As the skill level goes up, the fear reduces. You will never be rushed into achieving the next stage. We understand that some aquatic skills are easier learnt than others with some aspects of the fear being more entrenched than others.

“Every achievement, however small, is a milestone. Something to be proud of, boost confidence and be happy about.”

A Virtual Swimming Pool for all

Available(For Mobiles And Tablets)

Our virtual swimming pool is the ultimate digital teaching companion for your phones, tablets, and devices. This pool is an advanced fully immersive interactive technology, designed by experts from aquatics, psychology, robotics, and exercise science. Users can experience what it is like to be in a leisure centre and go into a swimming pool, in the familiar format of a PlayStation or Xbox game.

If you would like to download the IOA VR pool for Mac or Win PC, please email support@instituteofaquaphobia.com

All From The Comfort Of Their Living Room. Designed For Aquaphobics, Non-Swimmers And Beginners Or Anybody Who Needs To Feel More Confident In Or Around Water. There Is Also A Strong Message Of Water Safety Awareness Throughout The App.

Once you have downloaded and installed the App, the opening scene is in the changing room. Here you can walk around by using your mouse, by holding down the left button or by pushing it forward. You can use your finger on a tablet or mobile devices.

(Stop and take your time, there is no rush) click and listen to the calming voice of your relaxation coach. (Clinical Hypnotherapist) You can play our great selection of interactive relaxation videos on poolside, whenever you need to use them. Users can enter the pool itself, at any point (jump in) or via the pool stairs in the shallow end.

This pool in your pocket is a safe and gentle way to experience what it is like to be in the middle of a large swimming pool. Once in the water you can submerge and move about underwater or go into the deep end and even stand on the bottom.

You can also float on your back and your front. We aimed for the water and the effects to be as realistic as possible, you may feel like you have to hold your breath when you duck under. By simply clicking the on-screen instruction boxes, you can undertake those actions or combinations of movements. Try lying down and floating, ducking under, swimming, and standing up. You can only exit the pool using the stairs in the shallow end.

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